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Wannan shafin yana ba ku damar zazzage zaɓin labaranku daga wannan gidan yanar gizon a cikin sigar Littafin PDF. Don saukewa kawai ku cika fom ɗin da ke ƙasa don karɓar hanyar haɗi zuwa nau’in littafin PDF na labaran da kuke sha’awar. Zazzagewar PDF yana fitowa daga imel ɗin ku don haka dole ne ku shigar da adireshin imel mai aiki.

Sa’an nan a hankali duba akwatin wasiku. Idan baku ga imel ɗin ba a cikin ƴan mintuna kaɗan, duba babban fayil ɗin spam/junk.

Zazzage cikakkun labaran labaran mu guda biyu azaman littafin PDF

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      Pathfinders Christian Fellowships is a Canadian registered religious charity, located in London, Ontario.

      We are a group of believers who are committed to find new paths into the hearts of people so that we might share the love of Christ with them. Our mission is to discover and discuss the Christian faith in an informal, non-institutional setting.

      We do this through winning, disciple-making and equipping people in simple fellowship settings … it might be in a home, in a business venue or among an affinity group of friends who enjoy sports or other activities together. Some call it ‘simple church’ or ‘organic church.’

      We value the Word of God, because of its capacity to transform our lives. We believe it is the highest source of written authority for God’s plan for His people, revealing how to live out that plan, individually and corporately. We seek to keep our beliefs, practices and priorities anchored in clear biblical teaching.

      Our mega goal is to promote inter-religious dialogue between the main world religions in an open and friendly and informed format. With this in mind, we have developed our online educative resource in order to give Muslim people of the English language an opportunity to become better acquainted with the Bible (al Kitab) and its message (Injil).

      Our new program for this year – 12 neighbors campaign – is about shooting and producing educational christian videos.